Happy November to all. This is always one of the best months on the calendar year if you’re a sports fan. As far as college football goes, Mid-American Conference fans get to enjoy things first with MID-WEEK MACTION kicking off this Tuesday and Wednesday.

Midweek MACtion is fun because college football fans want to watch live football on Tuesday and Wednesday, then soon Thursday. The biggest fans of one of the biggest sports do their parts to show out in attendance (eyeballs) on NFL Sunday, Monday Night Football, Midweek MACtion, NFL Thursday, whatever games are on on Friday night, College Football Saturday, then back to NFL mode on Sunday for about four weeks. Then December’s gonna roll here and there’s no telling how much of zombie-like we’ll all end up being to watch postseason football with conference championships, bowls, and playoffs.

And then all of the NFL stuff, too.

November’s a pretty cool month. As a Michigander and a June baby, it has some of my most-hated weather. Those days where it’s 35 degrees, “precipitating”, and gets dark by 4 p.m. just does a lot of awful things to my emotional well-being. But as far as the sweaters in my closet go, I’ve got a really talented roster and I’m pretty excited for the season. I don’t have a deep cardigan game, but I feel pretty good about the two that I have. I feel like my crewneck are in a good spot too but I need to try some old ones on to see if they still fit. I won’t report back on my findings. I think if there’s any room for growth in this closet, it’s in the zip-up department. Again, I have to figure out what’s staying and what’s being donated, but we’re starting to look at the final days for one of my baggy, self-loathing-around the-house zip-ups due to fatigue. I’ve got some other options, but it’s open season for some of these young sweaters to step up and show me that they can play like veterans early on.

I don’t have an opinion on Thanksgiving because I generally don’t care to have an opinion on how families do their family stuff in this country. If you don’t like it, you probably have bad associations with the holiday. If you like it, then you’ve probably had good Thanksgivings. I like that I can watch football on Thanksgiving, but it’d be better if Texas-Texas A&M didn’t stop being a thing (I don’t want to get into the other topic right now). The Egg Bowl is a decent nightcap, but I like my college football games in twos.

(Sorry to Fresno State at San Jose State, but I simply can’t make that promise right now.)

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