The College Football Playoff committee will release its first rankings this week, and ESPN’s Heather Dinich came through with a warning sign before tempers truly begin to flare.

The CFP committee does not have to show its work when it announces its top 25 teams, and none of this matters until the end of November.

Here’s Cincinnati’s resume, in few words:

  • It’s the lone G5 team that has spent all last regular season and so far all of this year undefeated.
  • Cincinnati’s only loss last year was to Georgia, the best team in the country this year, by a late field goal.

ESPN’s info says that Cincinnati is less deserving than some other teams around the country despite the fact that those other teams around the country in question have one more loss than Cincinnati does. ESPN’s info says that if you’re not playing in one of three or four conferences (edit: or you’re Notre Dame) in the month of November, then don’t even waste your breathe crying for a ticket to the playoff. This isn’t anything new to fans of small schools or college football in general.

The CFP committee is telling you not to even think about it this year, but the committee also wants you to know something else here too. Don’t even think about trying to run the table in years to come. Let’s say the shiny, new 12-team playoff format (which hasn’t 100% been signed off on yet) were in existence right now. At best, the CFP committee is telling us, through ESPN’s Dinich, that a 13-0 Cincinnatti, at best, should be an 11-seed in a future 12-team model.

We’re being promised an expanded playoff, but there’s no reason to believe we’re going to be getting a better one too.

Also there is no “resume” for these things. Teams over time are managing to string together playoff portfolios because nobody knows what the criteria are for Playoff consideration. Sometimes the committee will answer questions to the media to explain why non-power brands always suffer in the playoff rankings, and the committee will always, always, always respond with a mouthful of bullshit in a totally straight face.

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