USC — The head coaching job Southern Cal is going to remain vacant for a long time, so don’t expect a decision to come here any time soon. Still, it’s a fun position to keep tabs on, which is exactly what the LA Times is doing through what it accurately describes this search as a marathon. Names are being added onto here with up and down movements as this process goes on, so here are some names mentioned that I want to point out:

  • Luke Fickell, per the Times’ reporting, seems to be too deep-rooted in Ohio for his family to up and move to the sunny West coast.
  • P.J. Fleck, the former MAC title-winning coach with WMU now in Year 5 at Minnesota, has a regrettable loss to Bowling Green that should write him off the list.
  • Matt Campbell, formerly of Toledo and now bringing Iowa State top-10 heights, hasn’t been asked one way or another about this topic by the media so maybe that conversation will come up soon? Hard to say at this point. I personally can’t see this happening, but it’d be a fun mental exercise if Campbell came out and said he would be at least interested.
  • Dave Aranda isn’t a MAC guy. But as a Filipino-Mexican American, it’d be cool to see a Mexican lead that program specifically, located exactly where it is in southern Cal. There aren’t enough fellow Mexicans in the coaching game, and Aranda to USC would hopefully lead to progress in that area.

GEORGIA SOUTHERN — Chad Lunsford was let go just four games into the season as the program has sort of lost its footing as a whole. After a 1-3 start this year (2-1 in bowl games the previous three seasons) he was fired, and now it’s a big moment for the program to look and see where it wants to be as a strong hole-in-the-wall Sun Belt program. I wouldn’t expect any of the current MAC coaches make a move here, especially when a few current MAC coaches already make more money than what Lunsford made.

JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS (NFL) — Important note: This job isn’t currently open. Or at least it isn’t currently publicly open. Honestly, I’m surprised he’s still in Jacksonville as of this writing. But everybody knows Urban Meyer, noted former MAC Coach of the Year in 2001, is about to be out of there.

UCONN — Honestly, not even going to look into the head coaching job over here. It’s just not worth the time or effort for me to know if there’s any update on this process. You weren’t really interested in hearing the latest on this, were you?

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