Week 3 Pick ‘Em: MACtion vs. State of Louisiana

Happy Monday everybody. Hopefully your weekend was as good because the MAC’s weekend did not pan out to be so hot. Even though some games were exciting, Northern Illinois didn’t totally pull off the late comeback at home, Toledo couldn’t hang on to beat Notre Dame in South Bend, Ball State didn’t play great at Penn State, Buffalo couldn’t knock down Nebraska, Bowling Green lost a late lead at home, and, of course, Ohio gave Duquesne some money to come over and record the school’s first-ever win over an FBS school.

There’s a lot of negativity to go around, which means it’s a good day for you in the Pick ‘Em if you spent last week being a pessimist for this exercise. I, regrettably, was feeling nice and suffered a terrible week.



There weren’t a lot of wins last week, but there were some obvious games that everybody hit on. Everybody hit on Western Michigan over Illinois State, Kent State over VMI, and Central Michigan over Robert Morris. Everybody was also right on Ball State losing at Penn State and Toledo losing at Notre Dame.

Everybody whiffed on the Ohio-Duquesne game, so that was a nice way to prevent anybody from being perfect this week.

Half of the pool was split on NIU-Wyoming, and a small handful (/raises hand) picked Buffalo over Nebraska and Bowling Green over South Alabama.




Note: The deadline to get your picks in is Thursday before the Ohio-Louisiana game. If you miss that game and get the rest of your picks in before Saturday’s games, I’ll still accept your picks.


PICK ALL OF THE MAC TEAMS THAT WILL WIN THEIR GAMES THIS WEEK. (10 pts. for right answers, -5 for wrong answers)

Last week my plan was to be Mr. Nice Guy and pick a lot of MAC teams to win their games. This week I say to hell with that and only pick four winners this week.

  • Ball State (@ Wyoming)
  • EMU (@ UMass)
  • Miami (vs. LIU)
  • Toledo (vs. Colorado State)

PICK ALL OF THE MAC TEAMS THAT WILL LOSE THEIR GAMES THIS WEEK. (10 pts. for right answers, -5 for wrong answers)

If there’s a game here I don’t feel too confident about, it’s CMU at LSU. The Tigers aren’t exactly playing excellently, but I could also see CMU not being able to hold up in pass protection again. Cheers to NIU at Michigan.

  • Akron (vs. Bryant)
  • BGSU (vs. Murray State)
  • Buffalo (vs. Coastal Carolina)
  • CMU (@ LSU)
  • Kent State (@ Iowa)
  • NIU (@ Michigan)
  • Ohio (@ Louisiana)
  • WMU (@ Pitt)


  • NIU (@ Michigan)
  • Ohio (@ Louisiana)
  • Toledo (vs. Colorado State)

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