Week 2 Pick ‘Em: Could the MAC go 4-0 at Big Ten schools this weekend?

Welcome to the 2021 macfootballblog.com Pick ‘Em! We’re in Week 2 of this, which is either the perfect time to join the pool or keep your early lead growing.

If you’ve new to it, here’s the gist. I make a list of games out of the MAC into a Google Form, and you fill out who you think will win or lose their games this weekend. There’s a made-up point value to it all and you can play all year long with/against your friends/strangers on the internet.

If you’re a returning participant, then welcome back!



Of the 11 people (myself included) to participate, nobody had a perfect weekend. The most stumped-on game was NIU over Georgia Tech, and a couple people bit on the Ohio-over-Syracuse bait too.

The MAC’s East and West races are months away from being decided, so the points will be added on when that time comes. Here’s how many picks each teams received to win their divisions by our pool: Ball State (2), CMU (3), Kent State (7), Miami (4), Toledo (5), WMU (2)


  1. 135, Alex (me)
  2. 135, Colin
  3. 135, Fitz
  4. 135, Frank the Tank
  5. 135, GerouldHerald
  6. 135, Karp
  7. 135, Matt Hammond
  8. 135, Rick Sanchez
  9. 135, Scott A
  10. 120, Kaleb Carter
  11. 120, Matt Dizzle
  12. 110 Huron Boy



Note: The deadline to get your picks in is Saturday at 11:30 a.m. EST, which is when the MAC games begin.


PICK ALL OF THE MAC TEAMS THAT WILL WIN THEIR GAMES THIS WEEK. (10 pts. for right answers, -5 for wrong answers)

I’m feeling risky this week. I’ve got Akron and Bowling Green both winning their games at home after they both got in their SEC road games last week. And, oh look, I’m committed to both Buffalo and EMU winning at Big Ten schools this weekend too.

  • Akron over Temple
  • BGSU over South Alabama
  • Buffalo over Nebraska
  • CMU over Robert Morris
  • EMU over Wisconsin
  • Kent State over VMI
  • NIU over Wyoming
  • Ohio over Duquesne
  • WMU over Illinois State

PICK ALL OF THE MAC TEAMS THAT WILL LOSE THEIR GAMES THIS WEEK. (10 pts. for right answers, -5 for wrong answers)

…I didn’t say I had the MAC going 4-0 against the Big Ten this weekend, though.

  • Penn State over Ball State
  • Minnesota over Miami
  • Notre Dame over Toledo


Thought this would be a fun twist for this year’s pick ’em. If you’re really confident in some of your picks and want a chance to get double the points, why not gamble away triple free points just in case you’re dead wrong?

Last week I went 3-0 in this category, which means I’m a trustworthy source for advice. The three games I feel most confident in this week:

  • CMU over Robert Morris
  • Kent State over VMI
  • WMU over Illinois State

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