EMU: TE Bryson Cannon honored with ‘The Deuce’

An annual tradition at Eastern Michigan: the #2 jersey is given to a specific player for their actions on and off the field. The number honors the late Demarius Reed, a former receiver on the team who died at the age of 20 in 2013. Since 2017, Chris Creighton’s teams finally let #2 be worn again, but not without the Reed family’s permission.

In 2017, it went to Sergio Bailey II. Then Blake Banham in 2018, Mathew Sexton in 2019, and Thomas Odukoya in 2020.

Now, Bryson Cannon will have the honors of wearing ‘The Deuce’.

I’m biased and that’s fine, but this is easily one of my favorite feel-good traditions in the MAC (let alone at EMU, where I graduated from). But it’s a good tradition that honors people being, in no order: 1. a good person at EMU and 2. a good football player at EMU, then that’s something I can get behind. Plus, having the family’s involvement is good and necessary for this.

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