Notes: Dennis Robinson’s going to Texas State; Ball State, Kent State additions

I do appreciate that the transfer portal does actively give me something to watch in the months when there’s not a whole lot else going on.

Formerly of Northern Illinois, WR Dennis Robinson, last I checked, made his decision to transfer to Hawaii. Those plans from two weeks ago have changed, and will instead play his remaining years at Texas State.

Robinson is now the second former MAC receiver to find their way on Texas State’s roster this offseason. Julian Ortega-Jones, formerly of Bowling Green, also transferred to TSU. Let’s not forget that Texas State will also be at Eastern Michigan in Week 4 of the season, so they still have at least one more chance to make a name for themselves in the MAC. Sorta.

Ball State

Ball State announced the additions of seven transfers:

  • WR Chase Bishop (Tennessee, Fr.)
  • TE Casey Coll (Saint Francis, Gr.)
  • S Trenton Hatfield (Illinois State, Gr.)
  • WR Jayshon Jackon (Cincinnati, Jr.)
  • OL Damon Kaylor (Michigan State, R-So.)
  • CB Latrelle Smith (Williams & Mary, R-So.)
  • DL Jordan Ward (VMI, Gr.)

All of these transfers are immediately eligible to play, and most of these guys have multiple years of eligibility left too. Go back and run the tape through your head of how diversely talented Ball State ended up being last year in the championship run and just remind yourself that most of those starters are back, including 16 super seniors. My optimism is through the roof for Ball State, especially if even just one or two of these guys even sniff All-MAC caliber production in 2021.

Of note: Hatfield is from Muncie and was a do-it-all player at Illinois State. Ward is a two-time captain at VMI and was a first-team all-conference player as a senior. Kaylor’s from Huntington, Ind. and was the No. 16 ranked player in the state in 2019. Jayshon Jackson’s a Simeon-Chicago grad that caught 67 passes in his first three years at Cincinnati.

Kent State

Two incoming players of note that I hadn’t noticed until yesterday.

  • DL Cam Peterson comes in as a 2-year graduate transfer from McNeese State. He’s gotten some playing time as early as his redshirt-freshman year (7 games, then an injury), and recorded 38 total tackles and 1 sack over 24 games.
  • WR Eddie Wilson joins as a JUCO transfer (Butler) and is also a Rutgers bounceback. 247sports lists him at 6-0, 179. Just more (necessary) ammo for this offense.

Programming Note: Not MAC football

As an attempt to have a focused approach to keeping about my two favorite things β€” MAC football and not MAC football β€” I’ve decided to start a new series that covers my second favorite thing. So, starting with the very first episode in the near future, I’m going to write a little “something-something” on each episode of King of the Hill.


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