If It’s Cool, It Counts

There are too many rules in sports. Here’s my golden rule in action.

Image via Centre Daily Times (Abby Day)

When I watch sports, I don’t do it to see what could be interrupted over a political argument. My joy for sports comes from watching these other people exert their physical force to their maximum potentials. In short, the very reason I watch sports is to be able to watch once-in-a-lifetime moment like Michael Penix Jr.’s from Saturday.

Did he make it? Just short?

All things considered, it’s one of the best effort-play finishes I’ve ever seen a game end on, and it’s possible that there won’t be another one that looks as impressive as this for a long, long time. In my rulebook, if something’s that overwhelmingly cool and jaw-dropping, then you did exactly what was asked of you to be a sports participant.

I mean, shit. Just look at how goddamn cool that winning play looked to cap off the Midwestern, double-overtime thriller that it was.

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