Jason Candle Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Toledo’s head coach is currently quarantined at home.

Toledo head coach Jason Candle recently tested positive for COVID-19, the first Mid-American Conference football coach known to have caught the novel virus.

From Toledo’s offices on Tuesday:

TOLEDO, Ohio — The University of Toledo announced today that head football coach Jason Candle has tested positive for the Coronavirus and will self-isolate for the next 10 days. Candle was exposed by an individual outside the athletic department who tested positive for the Coronavirus.

Candle, who is not experiencing any symptoms of the virus, will be self-isolating at home in accordance with the current CDC guidelines. The University of Toledo will work with the Lucas County Health Department to determine if any further steps are required. Candle will return to work after meeting the isolation guidelines.

I’m too exhausted for this to be huge, shocking news. Toledo (and others) didn’t care to test everybody as soon as they got back to campus, so it’s no surprise that somebody caught the virus asymptomatically.

“Head coach of a prominent Group of 5 program must self-isolate for at least 10 days” six weeks before the start of the season* isn’t the optimistic update I was looking for.

Hopefully, Candle doesn’t develop any pain during this time, and hopefully, he didn’t accidentally pass it off to anybody else.

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